GCUB International Mobility Program Scholarship in Brazil Scholarship

  • Accepting applications 2024-06-17
  • Posted:

Opportunity Detail

  • Languages Requirement Not required
  • Funding Type Full Funded
  • Eligible Region/Countries all countries include Afghanistan
  • Duration 24 months and 48 months
  • Opportunity ID 113
  • Level Master
  • Gender Male Female
  • Published Date 2024-Jun-10
  • Medium of Instruction English
  • #
    Number Of Opportunity 800

Opportunity Description

Brazil has a high position in terms of academic ranks at the global level, but in the graduate and doctoral levels, there is a shortage of students, this is the best opportunity for foreign students who are talented and capable and interested in higher education, by studying in brazil they can benefit from GCUB Scholarship and get free education, and after finishing their studies the can also get the best and highest job position in brazil. Aimed at international students from the five continents interested in pursuing Master's or Doctoral Degrees at associated Brazilian universities.

Scholarship Details
Application start: 02, May 2024
Application Deadline: 17, June 2024
First phase Announce: 26, June 2024-29, June 2024
Second Phase announce: 08/07/2024 to 16/08/2024
Third Phase: 02/09/2024 to 06/09/2024
Candidate get Approval from university: 10/09/2024 to 20/09/2024
Result announce: 25/09/2024
Host country: Brazil
University: 95 university
Duration; master degree 24 month, PhD 48 months
Level of study; Master and PhD
No. of Scholarship: 800
Type of Support
1.      Each selected candidate will receive the following benefit
2.      The candidate exempt from tuition
3.      The candidate exempt from enrollment fee
4.      Monthly stipends depends at university
The scholarship did not cover the following cost
1.      Travel cost
2.      Visa processing cost
3.      Health insurance cost 
Document Requirement
1.      The candidate prepare the following document to register the Brazilian university;
2.      Copy of identification document such national identity card, passport
3.      Resume and Curriculum vitae
4.      Master candidate; Diploma and Certificate of completion of university studies (Bachelor Degree)
5.      Doctoral candidate; diploma and certificate of completion master degree
6.       Motivation letter containing (Academic expectations and interests; professional expectations and perspectives for returning to the country of origin, maximum 1,000 words)
7.      Research proposal contain the below instruction(4,000 words)
Ø  Justification for the selection
Ø  Central theme and research problem
Ø  Delimitation and justification of the object of study
Ø  Literature review
Ø  Methodological process
Ø  Timeline
Ø Bibliographical reference
Application requirement
1.      The candidate completing the online application form
2.      The candidate be the citizen a country that Brazil have a diplomatic relation
3.      The candidate must have Brazilian nationality
4.      To have the ability to finance additional expenses not covered by the scholarship
5.      Submit the graduation degree according the level of study you applied
How to Apply
The final approval of the selected candidates for granting the GCUB International Mobility Program- GCUB-Mob scholarship will be conditioned to the signature of the Scholarship Acceptance Contract, in which the candidate will be required to comply with the Program requirements. Complete the application through the below link;



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